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Time to move…



Dear Self,

Get off your ass girl!

It’s time to reboot the system and get back to working out, because you know what? You’re not as young as you look and you body doesn’t do what it used to. Those cookies are sticking to your thighs and those drinks settled right on your hips… The pants are getting tighter and you’re just not comfortable. So it’s time to move.

Love, A Complicated Melody

So this is my public commitment to start working out. I have been avoiding it like the plague! But something has to be done. It’s summer and I can’t wear my cut summer clothes feeling pudgy… Running works for me, so I think I’m going to stick with that. I’m so not a morning person, so late evening runs it will be. Plus, I promise to use my Wii Fit that I paid all that money for.

I don’t diet. Period. BUT I do believe in portion control. The less you put in, the less you have to work out. I don’t count calories or grams of fat. I don’t cut out carbs or meat. I just less of what we know can be bad and stop when I’m full.

Sometimes you have to challenge yourself… So I’ve said it. Now I have to stick with it.

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  • Reply ☆ Lola A♏ ★ June 5, 2009 at 8:46 PM

    Girl! I had to kick my workouts back into gear. Funny thing is, I bought a WiiFit a year ago, cause I thought it would be a fun workout, and I have yet to open it. Womp, womp. At least my gym membership is finally getting some use. 😐

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