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What I Learned in 2014: Be Present

Every year comes with many lessons and as cliché as New Year Resolutions are, the end of the year brings refections and the new year turns our mind toward the future. As for me, I skip the formal resolutions, I just want to be better and do better than the previous year.

One of the lessons that stood out to me, was to BE PRESENT. In the moment you are in. Enjoying it, reveling in it, pushing through it, or crying that it passes. Whatever it may be, we often Tweet or Instagram through it (please don’t put it all on social media though), or let it pass without taking it all in. I’m guilty of it too.

We try to get the best shot or clip for Instagram at a concert and forget to watch the actual performer! It can be a bad habit in this day and age… I was reminded this year though that what we share on social media or blog about can’t replace true memories. It interesting how I can remember things from years ago, when there were far less distraction, better than I can remember what happened a few days ago.

I was fortunate enough to see Dave Chappelle live last year, okay so it was like a few weeks ago but you know… Of course it was a highlight of 2014. I wrote a blog about! One thing I took away from that experience, was that because I didn’t have the distraction of my phone (it was dying and there was no service anyway), I just had to be in the moment. Just taking it all in, letting it become an imprint in my mind. I can clearly remember it today, I can see everyone there, I remember how I felt. All the while, I couldn’t tell you what song was playing in my car yesterday or what I ate for dinner the night before.

So of course there are things that will pass us by and we will zone out to get through it but I have definitely learned to take more time out to enjoy my life. Take in great moments.  Even the bad ones.


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