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How I Stepped Up my Self-Care Routine with Massage Therapy!

In the midst of a particularly challenging year, I have learned to focus on the many things that brighten my life and practice self-care when I need it most. One of the many things that I am most grateful for is adding massage therapy to that routine. It has made such a big difference both physically and mentally. 

I look forward to my Massage Envy appointment each month for much-needed massage therapy and relaxation. Each session is the perfect break from daily stressors and allows me to disconnect from everything so that I can re-center my mind and body. Facing so many unknowns often triggers my anxiety which can manifest into tension in my body. Spending much of my day sitting and working on a computer, that tension builds up in my neck, shoulders, and back. All of that melts away during my massage therapy sessions. 

There are so many benefits to massage therapy, like relaxation, but there’s so much more! 

Massages can also energize you, soothe aching muscles, relieve tension, and improve your overall health. Since adding regular massage therapy sessions to my self-care routine, I don’t have as many headaches and experience less neck pain. 

I also have learned to better control my breathing. Constricted breathing is a telltale sign of anxiety and stress and I didn’t notice it until after a great stretch session. Now when I feel stress creeping in, I start to pay close attention to my breathing, slowing down, calming, and relaxing me. 

I totally recommend adding massage therapy to your routine, whether it’s to relax, reduce stress, or improve your overall health. Massage Envy and its massage therapists are the best, they will take exceptional care of you! 

Call or visit online to learn more about how Massage Envy is taking care of you or to book your appointment. And it’s never too early to grab those holiday gift cards for loved ones!

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