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Adding Some Sparkle to Death Valley with JTV!

This post was sponsored by JTV. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

What’s better than LSU Football? LSU Football when the JTV Tour bus rolls in for the Tiger One Village Fan Fest! Seriously, getting a chance to hang out with the JTV crew while tailgating at my alma mater is what a Lady Tiger like myself dreams of…

This weekend I headed out to one of my favorite places on earth, LSU on a football Saturday, to tailgate for the LSU v. Ole Miss game where I had the chance to hang out with the JTV Jewelry Love Tour right here in Baton Rouge! JTV (Jewelry TV) is celebrating its 25th anniversary (That’s quite the accomplishment, right?!) with a 13 city tour, bringing sparkle to fans and customers.

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Being Just Melody

This is 37.

I have lived for 13,505 days… 13,505 new starts, chances, and opportunities. Yada yada yada.

So, I set out to write a deep, thoughtful, reflective blog about the power of turning 37 and while there’s definitely something powerful about turning another year older, I’m just basically here to say, “I made it.”

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Personal Style on a Budget with #AXEPERSONALSTYLE

*This post is sponsored by Mirum. All opinions are my own.

If you have a young man in your home, or at least one that comes home for food and advice, then AXE is most likely a staple! From body sprays to shower gels, my son has used AXE Products since he hit puberty. A few years ago he decided to switch up his normally low haircut to a trendy curly faux hawk. While I love that he is now embracing his own personal style, I don’t love that he uses all of my hair products!

Luckily, AXE also has haircare products for him to use and now he can keep his grubby hands off mine. 🤣 What’s even better, they are much more affordable than some of my favorite styling products. Here’s the best part, starting on March 18, you can save even more at CVS!

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