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Giving the Gift of Confidence with Axe this Holiday Season!

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This holiday marks a major first! The first Christmas where my son, Isaiah, is living on his own. My baby isn’t a baby anymore, he’s a college student with his own apartment. Wait… when did that happen?!

Even though he has flown the coop, it’s become quite obvious to both of us just how much mom did before the big move! Most conversations end with a myriad of question like: Do you have laundry detergent? Have you washed your sheets lately? When is the last time you bought a new toothbrush? So this year, the list for Santa (yeah, that’s me!) will include those essentials that college kids need the most.

In a win for both of us this year, I will be giving him the gift of confidence and taking advantage of Rite Aid’s sweet deal on AXE Gift Sets. As a music lover, I know that he’ll enjoy the AXE Apollo with Bluetooth wireless Shower Speaker set. It featuring everything he needs to find a new signature scent and a cool Bluetooth shower speaker.

  • Apollo Shower Gel 16 oz
  • Apollo Shampoo 12 oz
  • Apollo Conditioner 12 oz
  • Apollo Body Spray 4 oz
  • Bluetooth wireless Shower Speaker

Fortunately, this won’t break the bank for me either with a pice tag of only $14.99!


Here are just two awesome deals that are perfect for the guy in you life this holiday season! Whether he is a style-lover with sensitive-skin or manicured music lover, he can celebrate who he is with a signature scent—and you’ll celebrate the price!

  • AXE Apollo with Bluetooth wireless Shower Speaker set – $14.99, valued at $25 or more.
  • AXE Trio+Detailer – an exfoliating loofah/scrubber for men (Apollo, Black, OR Phoenix) sets – $9.99, valued at $13.00 or more.

What’s even better is that picking up these great AXE Gift Packs is super convenient. Whether you are on the go and need a quick gift, or you are out braving the holiday shuffle, you can drop in your nearest Rite Aid to find these deals.

Don’t wait, you can find these awesome deals in-store until Christmas Day!  

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