Being Just Melody

Hello world!

That was the default title and it actually works so I’m going to keep it.

Hello World!

Some may know me as the blogger extraordinaire from The Pop Culture Junkie… Some may not. Either neither welcome to my world as a bi-racial, single mother, market analyst by day, blogger by night.

From Fashion to Food, from Life to Love, from Entertainment to Politics, it all here. Open book, well maybe cracked open because there are still crazies in the world. I don’t need stalkers.

I think I’m pretty funny, hopefully you will too. Laughter is the best medicine! Make sure to leave your comments, start a dialogue, or drop me a question. I don’t know everything, but I an opinion on just about anything.

So I know what you’re thinking… Why are you so complicated? Well, I’m not complicated in the sense of difficult, rather my life hasn’t been simple. With me, some things just aren’t black and white.

Actually with me, it’s Black and Puerto Rican! I look forward to sharing my world with you.

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