Quote me on it…

I think I’m going to start a new series… “Quote Me On It” for all the pearls of wisdom [LOL] that seems to come out randomly.

Today a friend of mine hit me up to vent about a person that was giving them the blues… all because that person was being childish and trying to blame my friend for their own downfalls.

I just kept thinking… this pain in the ass is just being simple and it just wasn’t worth the stress.

Simple people shouldn’t complicate your life. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

We all know that there are people out there that thrive on drama and get pleasure out getting under your skin. Some people just like to see how far they can push you. That is their ass-backwards way of getting your attention, the attention they crave, and will do anything to get. Be it negative or positive.

So if you entertain them, it just feeds into that need. Don’t give them the pleasure of your attention. Your stress and frustration is only validation that they have achieved their goal.

Being simple is child like and is usually driven by a lack of communication skills…

So woo sah and don’t let simple things complicate your life.

…and you can quote me on it.

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