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I got my life at The Read Live New Orleans!

After years of being mutual internet cohorts, I finally met Kid Fury and Crissle in person! The Read Live (live version of their awesome podcast) made it to New Orleans for their final show of the year, which also happens to be the anniversary of the release of Beyoncé! It was the perfect way to end the year.

For this trip, I take you all along with me in the latest vlog…

I had such a great time at the show! The live show, which was held at the Contemporary Arts Center, is structured much like the podcast with discussion of hot topics, which this night included the Chris Brown/Karate Chop saga, Jeremih’s arrest, and such!

Instead of listener letters, there where audience questions, and honey… my mind was blown by some of these question. There was talk of a threesome with a best friend and fiancé and a pastor who likes to eat the cat. On camera. *draw drop* I was flabbergasted!

Many of the attendees came from all over the surrounding areas and as far as New York, Texas and North Mississippi. There was a young lady celebrating her 21st birthday (hurray for the open bar during the VIP meet & greet) and a college graduate who came straight from commencement. Talk about dedication!

All around I had a blast… it was great to meet the hilarious duo as well as Alex (Kid’s manager) and Asante (my impromptu cameraman). If you have the chance, definitely see The Read Live and of course, check out the podcast!


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