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25 Even More Random Things About Me…


I did this on Facebook, but have the need to share even more random facts and unknowns about myself… I guess I just like exploring me. Plus, I am so very bored right now that I figured what the fudge… why not?!

1. I sing alllll the time. In my car, around the house, I am always singing. Can I sing? I guess. I can hold a note. I always say I can sing in the choir but I’m no soloist. Even though I sung many solos in church growing up…The stereo is usually very high in the car and I sing along with every song.

2. I refuse to take down my Barack Obama yard sign, I don’t know when I will but I am tempted to leave up for the next four years just because…

3. I love ellipses… (also known as the dot-dot-dot) I use them constantly when typing.

4. One eye is slightly lower than the other, my right. I never noticed until my mom told me that my little bother had a lazy eye about a year or so ago. Again, I never noticed his. I looked in the mirror and realized my ass did too. WTF? How do I go 27 years without noticing one eye is lower than the other?

5. I have a horrible shopping habit. I have overdrawn my account so many times I swore I kept the bank in business. I have learned to control the urge, but I have made some impulse buys that had me praying that checks didn’t clear. I shop when I’m happy and when I’m depressed. It’s something about buying an item, it’s like a high. Even something small like new socks. It’s the act of purchasing that I love.

6. Bodily sounds drive me absolutely crazy. Smacking, snoring, sucking teeth, hard breathing… all give me the heebee-geebees! I can not fall asleep next to someone snoring. I have been up half the night because I can not fall asleep due to snoring.

7. Speaking of falling asleep, thank heavens for sleep timers on TVs. I always fall asleep with the TV on. I have to sleep on my stomach but I turn the TV on for the sound. The silence is too much, my brain will not stop going. I will think so much that I never fall asleep, so the background noise distracts me. Does that make sense?

8. I have mastered the art of tipsy. Due to my emetaphobia (fear of vomit/vomiting) I can’t allow myself to get too drunk. The combination of food and water while drinking is very important. Also I think I have overactive kidneys and bladder because I have to use the restroom every 5 minutes once I start drinking. Hence staying tipsy, not drunk.

9. I have a horrible potty mouth! I cuss a lot but some how manage to make it through every visit with my parents with out cussing.

10. My father is a pastor, mom’s the first lady. I understand truly being saved and that is why I don’t claim to be. My parents have unmovable faith. I know the difference between religion and faith. I just know who my heavenly father is. I know tomorrow is not promised, but I refuse to live a lie.

11. Being a teenage mother made me stronger person. I hid my pregnancy until 3 days before he was born. I was scared out of my mind and lived in complete denial. One day I may write a book about it (or at least a blog) but I’m not ashamed. I was simply blessed. Things could be totally different but my story is one that is real and of triumph.

12. Sometimes I wish I was married with the picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog, but I realize I love my independence more. I love having my own space, my own life, and it just being me and my son. One day someone will make that less attractive. Just hasn’t happened yet.

13. I love seafood. When ever I go to a restaurant I usually go for the dish that has seafood in it. Which is usually the same dish I always get because once I find something I like I get the same thing each time.

14. I have a tongue ring. I have had it since I was 18 and have no intention of taking out. I work in corporate America but half the time no one notices. I got it as one of my rebellious, I’m 18 now, acts along with the tattoo on my ankle. It feels so unnatural to not have now that I’ve had it so long.

15. Movies about or with singers, dancers are my guilty pleasure. I can watch Selena, What’s Love Got to do With It, 5 Heartbeats, The Temptations, Save the Last Dance, Center Stage, or Dreamgirls a million times!

16. I usually don’t go to my bedroom until it’s time for me to go to sleep. I spend most of the time on the sofa with my laptop watching TV.

17. I am horrible at hanging up my clothes. Most stay on my bed or next to the closet until I just have no choice and need to clear the space.  I also usually leave the folded (or unfolded) clothes in the basket until it’s damn near empty. Clearly clothes are not my thing.

18. However “clearly” is my thing… I use “clearly” all the time. It is my “um.”

19. I have the worst sleep habits, I hate mornings. I sleep until the last possible moment. I usually don’t go to sleep until after 1 am on average. My brain actually doesn’t become fully functional until about 10 am.

20. I once went to IHOP after the club with Carl Payne (Cockroach/ Cole) for my 21st birthday… I kept thinking, I can’t believe I’m sitting here with Cockroach. He was cool as hell though.

21. I talk an awful lot… if I know you. Otherwise, I am very quiet in new situations, I just sit back and stay to myself. Once we’ve been around each other for a while, may take a couple of times, but I will talk your head off.

22. I have every intention of getting a breast augmentation. After my one and only second child.

23. My favorite $5 foot long is the grilled chicken, American cheese, toasted, lettuce, pickles, cucumber, mayo, mustard, ranch, salt and pepper. Yum!

24. I absolutely hate when people call, leave a voicemail saying “I was just calling to see what’s up,” then send a text saying “What’s up? I just called” then when you call them back, the first thing they say is “I just called you.” CLEARLY! I know… as if missed call, vm, and text didn’t clue me in that they just called.

25. I have 2 best friends. A few close friends. Sometimes I wish I had more but I have never had the desire to seek new friends.


26. I can not have unread emails, I just have to clear the icon that alerts new emails. I’ll flag those that I need to go back and read but the new email alerts have to be cleared.

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  • Reply sunshyne84 February 1, 2009 at 9:59 PM

    #3 I like those too…

    #8 My bladder won’t hold liquor either, but I do get drunk!

    #17 yes! I have clothes that need to be folded now

    #19 *sigh* same problem

    #22 u sure? maybe u just need a lift

    #26 me either, and I don’t understand how ppl’s inbox can get so full, I delete everything

  • Reply Jia February 1, 2009 at 10:01 PM

    This was interesting. Quite a few that I could relate to. I will have to link this one to my blog roll as well b/c I’m a nosy bitch….

  • Reply ☆ Lola A♏ ★ February 17, 2009 at 9:05 AM

    So many similarities!!!

    -I love and use ellipses all the time too!
    -I have a serious shopping problem too…I still have thing unopened and in bags.
    -I’m guilty of potty mouth, but unfortunately, it can’t be controlled in front of my parents. I tell them, I get it from them! 🙂
    -Sometimes my bed has on a small space available for me to sleep on due to clothes! This week, I’ve been camped out in my guest bedroom. Trifling, I know 🙂
    -Grilled chicken footlong=YUM! On honey oat, pepperjack cheese, lettuce tomatoes, and banana peppers with honey mustard! Woosaaa!
    -I’ve often been mistaken for being anti-social/standoffish/stuck-up, when in fact, I’m shy, until I get to know you! Then I open up and talk all the time!
    -I have the same good 3 friends since high school. I’ve only made one good friend since then. I am happy 🙂

    • Reply Melody February 18, 2009 at 6:39 PM

      LOL! We have so much in common… crazy

  • Reply ☆ Lola A♏ ★ February 17, 2009 at 9:06 AM

    As you can see, emoticons are my thing too! 😆

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