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Wow, this video is quite amazing!

This is my all pencil portrait of the President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama! Estimated completion time = ….still calculating.

R.I.P. Jerry LaVigne Jr. 1984-Present ….does realistic portrait artwork from photos.

Being Just Melody

Finding your Barack Obama?


One of the first emails I see this morning is from Essence saying “How to Find Your Own President Obama” and the first thing I thought was ‘I knew this was coming.’ Over the last year women have been declaring the need to find and keep a man like President Barack Obama.

After reading the photo essay I realized the article really should have been titled, “How to find and keep a love like the Obamas.” However, it prompted me to finally write this blog about just how I feel about this growing phenomenon of women now searching for “their own Barack Obama.” Especially since most haven’t become their own Michelle Obama.

While women are making their lists and checking it twice, trying to find a man with all the great characteristics that President Obama possesses, how many are checking themselves against those of First Lady Michelle Obama.

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