Sephora’s Nano Eyeliners

Nano Eyeliner

What it is: A highly pigmented eye pencil.

What it does: Sephora Brand Nano Eyeliner glides on smoothly and comfortably, creating a lovely line of color. Shea butter and rosemary extracts make this formula soft and easy to work with.

What else you need to know: Make impact with your eye look—this must-have comes in an amazing range of colors, for va-va-variety!

A few weeks ago I was perusing Sephora and picked up two of the Sephora brand Nano eyeliners to add to the collection. I tested the “Glitter Black” and the “Beige Pearl” and decided to take those home for a spin. Today I picked up four more colors, “Lagoon,” “Azur Blue,” “Wild Violet,” and “Silver Green.”

My thoughts: Overall they live up to the description, they glide very smoothly and are really soft. They have great pigment, similar to L’Oreal H.I.P. and for only $5, it’s a deal. However, they are about half the normal size of a normal pencil.

  1. Beige Pearl – like a soft gold color, I think it’s great for lining the lower lash line and the tear duct
  2. Black Glitter – super pigmented, even darker than my favorite black liner, Urban Decay “Zero,” plus it has the glitter in the crayon. It’s very fine glitter so it’s not very noticeable.
  3. Silver Green – the name says it all… It’s a metallic green, but the silver softens it
  4. Wild Violet – I’m all about purple and I liked this one because it more on the bluer side than pinky. I love purple smokey eyes so I think this will come in handy
  5. Azur Blue – darker than your average blue, but far from navy and slightly more matte than the other colors
  6. Lagoon – a dark teal color, it’s a bit metallic, and stands out

Also… I’m such a sucker for packaging and the new Revlon Color Blast tubes are uber cute! I was looking for a new nude lipcolor, so I got “Soft Nude” today.  The product is good, the color is a little too pale for my skin alone, so I paired it with My Too Faced Mirror Mirror lip gloss in “I’m Perfect.”

I will use in a tutorial so you can see how it looks…

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