Trusting Your Skin to a Gentle Clean with Ivory Soap

As time goes by, seasons change, and maybe a little bit of age sets in, I’ve noticed that my skin has become increasingly sensitive! I recently moved back into my home after 9 months of repairs from the Great Flood of 2016 and almost immediately, I noticed that my skin was becoming irritated much more easily. Considering the allergens that the storm brought in, dust and dirt from repairs and tons of new materials in my home, I began searching for cleansers that would not only clean but also not add any additional irritation.

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SHOW + TELL: Missy Lynn Color Lock Lipstick Collection

What’s better than a great lipstick collection? One that was curated by a friend of yours. I’m always inspired by bloggers, vloggers and influencers that get to collaborate with big brands, so I couldn’t be happier for my girl, Missy Lynn, who released the Missy Lynn Color Lock Lipstick Collection with BH Cosmetics as a follow up to her first palette. These retail for only $9, but are currently on sale for $7!

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