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Swatches :: MAC Glamour Daze Holiday Collection (Pt. I)

Ohh la la… the holiday collection from MAC is called Glamour Daze and is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! It’s chic and sophisticated, with some gorgeous colors and the packaging it to die for. I snagged everything I wanted!

If you missed the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes that was released in the original Extra Dimension collection, you can get Superb and Whisper of Gilt in this one and I live for Superb which has a nice peach tone. Both are great to have as a highlight. We also see the Extra Dimension Eyeshadows but this time it is all new limited edition colors and a smaller package. I don’t like that the price point is $19.50 when it’s the same size as a standard eyeshadow, only .50 cent less that the larger size that was originally released.

You probably know by now that blush is my vice and of course I had to get all three. Small Vanity is great deeper plum toned blush that would be great for women of color and I’m the One is such a pretty blue toned pink. As far as lipsticks Dramatic Encounter sounds just like its name, very dramatic and deep and amazing for Fall/Winter. Outrageously Fun is sweet pink with a slight punch.

One product that I was ecstatic to get were the Kohl Power Eye Pencils, especially Feline! Holy darkness Batman, this is a deep black liner with a great matte finish. It reminds me of Urban Decay’s Perversion. The other colors Raven, Mystery, and Orpheus are blackened color with a slight glitter and just amaze balls on the eye balls.

Check out the list of what I got and swatches below!

Extra Dimension Skinfinish

  • Superb
  • Whisper of Gilt
  • Easy Manner
  • Small Vanity
  • I’m the One
Extra Dimension Eyeshadow
  • Evening Grey
  • Stolen Moment
  • Divine Blue
  • Stylishly Merry
Kohl Power Eye Pencil 
  • Mystery
  • Raven
  • Feline
  • Orpheus
  • Deliciously Demure
  • Talk Softly to Me
  • Flight of Fancy
  • Dramatic Encounter
  • Outrageously Fun
  • Glamourdaze

Left to Right :: Superb, Whisper of Gilt, Easy Manner

Easy Manner, Small Vanity, I’m the One

Evening Grey, Stolen Moment, Divine Blue, Stylishly Merry

Catch My Eye, Little Black Bow, Feminine Edge

Mystery, Raven, Feline, Orpheus

Deliciously Demure, Talk Softly to Me, Flight of Fancy

Dramatic Encounter, Outrageously Fun, Glamourdaze